Boqueria – CD

172 Bleecker, West Village



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the story

Boqueria – CD

The name “Boqueria” is an homage to Barcelona’s renowned food market “El Mercado de la Boqueria”, and features a Catalonian based menu. Owner Yann de Rochefort and executive chef Marc Vidal, a native of Barcelona, present a loaded menu of Spanish tapas heavily influenced by Catalonian cuisine. Boqueria currently has four locations in NYC and one in Washington DC, all featuring slightly different decor. The Soho location, which offers decor to resemble the Barcelona market (Scales, a chalkboard displaying daily specials) is a brunch favorite. All of the restaurants sport a common crimson theme, the color most would associate with Spain.

The first Boqueria opened its doors in its Flatiron location in 2006. According to its website, Boqueria was “Inspired by the energy of the tapas bars and “Cervezerias” that surround Barcelona’s renowned food market “El Mercado de la Boqueria”. The elements that might make the establishment appear “Spanish”, are the Spanish names of the items on the menu and the daily specials chalkboard. The modern theme of the restaurant as a whole leads one to believe that Boqueria is evoking a feeling of a Barcelona that currently exists. 

Tapas range from $3-10, in which customers are encouraged to order several of for a full meal. Boqueria is also known for their sangria, as they offer the choice between red, white and rosé.